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Your essential website checklist

Review your website today using our essential website checklist.

As a vital part of your marketing mix, your website needs to act as your online shop window, attracting new customers and allowing existing customers to get to know you better. Additionally, it’s a place where you can communicate directly to your market, showcase new products and present the best and most relevant information to influence your customers to purchase.

However, in order to make it a success, your website needs to be working hard for you, be visible, credible and stand out from the crowd. If it’s difficult to find or difficult to use, has irrelevant content or poor branding, you’ll lose out on visitors and therefore ultimately, sales.

…So why not review your website today?

We’ve compiled a website checklist below to highlight the key elements needed in an optimised website. Use this website checklist as a guide to review your website against and if you find it lacking, perhaps it’s time you updated yours….

1. User friendly for everyone – your website needs to have a clear, organised structure; be easy to navigate, ideally with repeat navigation in the footer.

2. Simple, strong visual design – whether your company is B2B or B2C, it needs to present a professional impression and be of high-quality – successful looking with a clean look and eye-catching graphics.

3. Reader friendly – your customer/viewer is king and therefore you need to design your website through their eyes – it should have a thoughtful user interface, with relevant easy-to-read content that keeps them engaged.

4. Clear branding – your website should reflect the ethos and personality of your company and therefore your branding needs to be clear and consistent whether offline or online; easily recognised by your existing customers and memorable for your potential customers.

5. Meaningful content – content is key! It should be fresh, informative and relevant with interesting images and engaging, correctly targeted copy.

6. Many touch points – well placed contact information points and call-to-actions go without saying – people like to know that there’s a face behind the website and support if they need it as well as be encouraged into action.

7. Fast reliable performance and cross browser compatibility will help your website viewers to make maximum use of your site and stay on longer.

8. Multi platform – more people than ever are now accessing the internet from mobile devices, so you need to ensure that your website looks good with responsive design that allows it to be easily used from any device.

9. Web optimised images and up to date technology – these aspects are important as they not only help your placement in search engine results but add a modern professional style to your site.

10. SEO – make sure your website can be found easily through search engines – search engine-optimised – you can be sure your competition will be and you could lose out on potential sales otherwise.

11. Company information – a company’s website should include an informative ‘About Us’ page/company information – it helps validate your company and gain your buyer’s trust.

12. Encourage your community to connect and interact with you through engaging content and copy, contact points and any social media links.

13. Encourage data collection for further engagement with users: a sign-up/subscribe area can provide you with your own database for additional marketing purposes.

If you’d like to discuss how your website could work harder for your business, please Contact Us now.