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app design and development for global manufacturer

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App design and development for Mazak

Mazak asked us to create a Product App for ipads which would demonstrate new and key products in their range, highlighting main features. App to be used by the sales team at the EMO exhibition, September 2013 and after as a sales tool.
We developed the App in two phases, the first phase was used at EMO and the second launched at the end of September in the App store as a free download.
The latter demonstrates the main features of 22 products in the Mazak range.

We also provide this manufacturer with:

  • Main european website content management
  • Roll out translated website variations
  • Design, build and management of the european marketing hub

“gu9creative developed our first product App aimed specifically for demonstrating new products to customers at exhibitions. The result is an App which not only allows our sales team to demonstrate products easily and more creatively but also supplies additional up-to-date information with the ability to switch between languages. We’re really pleased with the creative design of the App and of gu9creative’s efficient handling of the project.”

Maja Foster,

European Marketing Manager, Mazak


web design and development
content management systems
app design

Other client work: