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magazine and website design for forklift manufacturer

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Magazine and Website Design for CAT Lift Trucks

The design and production of the glossy 16 page ‘eureka’ magazine is operated on a turnkey basis with the gu9 team providing full editorial direction, content creation, translation into four languages, design, print management and distribution of over 9000 copies (per issue) of the magazine into the UK and Europe.

The printed magazine is supported by 5 international websites, designed and built by gu9 ( on the user-friendly WordPress platform. These search optimized websites give access to all the magazine articles in English, French, Spanish, Dutch and Italian along with other unique online content, successfully driving traffic to the main CAT Lift truck website at and the distributor and dealer sites through the EMEA.


Eureka magazine was developed in 2007 by gu9creative as a device to engage materials handling professionals, and through this connection to provide subtle promotion of the CAT Lift Truck brand and product range and the experience of Cat in the development of superior warehouse materials handling equipment. It is positioned as a general source of knowledge and expertise for the materials handling industry, covering technology, fleet management, health and safety, industry comment, economic developments and business case studies, with the primary objective of raising the CAT Lift truck brand profile and driving product sales.

“I have worked with gu9creative on developing and setting the strategy for the internet site and ‘dealer support’ site for Cat Lift Trucks. I experienced working with gu9creative as easy to do business with, very responsive and skilled. A real pleasure to work with.”

Monica Escutia,

EAME Manager Marketing Communications

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